Environmental Statement

July 2018


The management of environmental issues continues to be important to the overall management strategy of MCE Group t/a ValvTechnologies Europe (MCE).  We continue to make steady progress with respect to improving the Company’s environmental performance in accordance with the commitments made in its Environmental Policy Statement.

Our determination to pursue more sustainable approaches to recycling and re-usage of waste materials is not just a case of “doing the right thing by the environment and society”, but also a sound commercial strategy.


Whilst we acknowledge the business from our greener outlook, we must also acknowledge the work involved in maintaining these high standards means that our environmental approach genuinely determines the direction of the Company.

Our Integrated Management System calls for significant and continual investment in terms of time, money, enthusiasm and perhaps, most importantly, commitment to the underlying improvement of the environment around us.

Environmental Statement

Through the measurement and inspection of our activities, MCE seeks to reduce the production of pollution released or buried into the environment.  We recognise that business activities have the potential to affect the environment and, as a result, damage the world’s finite resources.   We therefore accept that we have a responsibility for implementing environmental measures that go beyond legislative requirements and look to encourage other businesses to follow our lead.  We appreciate that expressing verbal support for the environment is no substitute for positive action, therefore we willingly accept that financial and personnel resources have to be allocated to ensure good environmental practice.

With this ethos, we have developed an Integrated Management System based on the international standard ISO 14001.    We use this standard to ensure compliance with relevant legislation so that our customers, regulatory bodies and the community have confidence in our ability to protect the environment.  Our system falls into the following:

  • An Environmental Policy
  • The creation of a Legal Register to ensure that all our legal duties are met
  • Development of an audit plan to maintain the system and identify areas for improvement
  • Management review meetings to analyse performance and establish new objectives


Impacting the Environment

With reference to the requirements of environmental legislation and the desire to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment, the following have been identified as significant environmental issues for MCE ValvTechnologies Europe:

  • Control of emissions to atmosphere
  • Minimisation of the quantity of waste generated and the maximization of the recycling or re-use of such waste

Compliance with all relevant legislation with respect to the storage, transportation and disposal of both non-hazardous and hazardous waste.

Waste produced by MCE ValvTechnologies Europe consists mainly:

  • Paper, cardboard, plastic products
  • Metals
  • Oils, paint and solvents
  • General waste


Energy, Fuel, & Transportation

The generation of electrical energy results in the production of carbon dioxide (CO2), which in turn impacts on global warming.

We consume electrical energy for workshop plant and equipment for the overhaul and maintenance of industrial valves; office equipment and lighting as well as gas boilers for heating.  It is our policy to reduce to a minimum our use of both sources of energy.   We shall monitor our consumption of energy and endeavour to minimize our usage where practicable.

MCE has recognised the growing concern of the nation with regard to the damage inflicted on the environment through transportation.  We encourage our workers to car share whenever practicable or commute using public transport or other alternative methods where feasible.

Environmental Management System

The SHEQ Manager is responsible for overseeing the development and maintenance of Company’s integrated management system and ensuring the company complies with environment legislation.

Department Heads and Supervisors are responsible for the implementation of the Integrated Management System, with assistance from the SHEQ Manager.

Performance Objectives for 2018

  • Reduce waste sent to landfill by 30%
  • Reduce gas consumption by 20%
  • Reduce electricity consumption by 20%



MCE is aware that any claims for environmental management must be fully publicized and open to objective scrutiny to retain any credibility.